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Lake Weed Removal 

We offer full-service lake weed removal for your lake properties. We understand you bought a lake home or cabin to enjoy it and when your property is infested with aquatic weeds it's impossible to enjoy swimming, fishing or entertaining at your lake property.

Lake weed removal (2).jpg

What does a service look like?

We are DNR Permitted to be able to cut and remove 2500 sq feet on your lakeshore, a 50 x 50 area. We will cut and removal all growing and dead vegetation within this area. Each property is different so please call or text to get a quote on yours! 

Enjoy your lakeshore again!

Our goal at Lakeshore Potential is to create a lakeshore you and your family can enjoy. We do not use chemicals, we use hard work from local labor. We are a family owned local business that understands MN Lake Life! We want to provide you a service that allows you to enjoy your lakeshore with family and friends.  

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