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Enjoy your beach again!

Beach / Shoreline Cleanup

We grew up on a lake too! We know your problems, nobody likes to use the beach when it is full of dead and decaying lake vegetation! Let us help you clean it up, we will clean, rake and haul for you! 

Shoreline cleanup

Clean Lakeshore / Happy Family

We can help you clean up your beach so family friends and kids can enjoy it! We have all been there, nobody wants to use the lakeshore when they have to step through all the decaying smelly dead weeds to get into the lake! We can take care of this problem for you!

If you aren't happy we aren't

Our job can be tough as every lakeshore is different and different every single day. We ensure great communication throughout the service process to ensure that you are happy with the work we provided! If you aren't happy let us know and we will fix it! we realize and respect that your summertime should be weed free! 

Beach cleanup
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